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Golfing the World has featured more than 100 resorts/courses, both private and public, in more than 25 destinations around the world. What sets this show apart is our attention to local customs, tourist attractions, dining, and other activities.

Hit 'em straight!


One could get lost just trying to see the best Golf Courses within the expansive United States. Golfing the World travels all over the United States to some of the most well known golf courses the world has to offer. 


Mexico is another place you can put away the winter jackets  and enjoy the view of palm trees and the ocean while you hit the fairways. Golfing The World will show you the best courses for you to enjoy the next time you book a trip.


Knowing that Scotland holds some of the oldest golf courses in the world, one should not be surprised to learn that the game itself comes from Scotland. Historical value aside, hitting the green in Scotland should be  a goal for anyone looking to play the best courses the world has to offer.


There's something special about hitting a golf ball in the mountains! Golfing the World Visits some of the greatest mountain destinations in the United States, and celebrates the fantastic apres scene that comes with the territory.


Don't be fooled by the harsh winters, our neighbors to the north are more than capable of delivering a comfortable and world class golfing experience. Golfing the World lets you see the beautiful terrain to be found right around the corner.


​This is the  place where you can put on your shorts and have the pleasure of experiencing world class golf courses. Golfing The World travels all over the islands to make sure you see not only the oceanside but everything the inlands have to offer as well.


Ireland is one of the places Golfing The World loves to explore. To experience the wide scope of what golf has to offer, Europe's Courses cannot be ignored. And with some of the of the most unique and beautiful courses in the world, the Emerald Isle lives up to its name.


Helping to end golf's bougie reputation, Municipal Golf acts as the every man's golf. Country clubs and private courses can't possibly manage to satisfy everyone's needs, which is why MUNIS golf exists to be a space where everyone can golf.

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